Recommended Sites

Survey Monkey
Great for surveying family functions regarding where to meet, when, venue, etc.

This site is filled with other links from educational, fun and for grown ups. Examples are: animals, art, space, music, math, activities, coloring, girls games, parents and teachers.

Reader’s Digest
This is Reader’s Digest, which is full of recipes, short stories, current situations, jokes and humorous quotes and more.

Our Prayer-Reaching Out, Lifting Up
In need of a prayer for someone you know or care about, or just want to add a prayer for the day. You can submit a prayer and have others pray along with you. Great stories, great site.

Lauren Hutton
Great natural looking make up products I have personally tested and used everyday. I love the compact!

Ziaja-Naturally Inspired Beauty Care
Hands down-no contest or comparison-the absolute best lotions and creams on the market. This site is worth looking at and comparing price and ingredients.
From their website:
ZIAJA means modern beauty care products, which are: based on innovative formulas and natural ingredients of the highest quality, produced according to the newest technology, clinically and allergy tested at the Dermatology Clinic of the Gdansk Medical Academy and other clinics in Poland as well as abroad (children's preparations are additionally tested at the "Pomnik Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka" clinic), formula not tested on animals , pH balanced

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