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Our deluxe program will typically include on site training at your facility. The WQN Team will work with you together to fully customize a complete Quality Management System (QMS). The scope of work can be entirely customized or you can choose from one of the popular packages below in the Full Service Options and Comparison Matrix.  The level of consulting you purchase is based on your needs and level of comfort. We offer a full range of options from remote assistance to A-Z complete consulting and development. Services may include the following:

  • Preliminary Gap Analysis
  • On Site Visits & Training
  • Project Plan & Milestones
  • Comprehensive Guide to Implementing a System
  • Customized Quality Manual
  • Customized Procedures & Forms
  • Customized Work Instructions
  • Comprehensive Quality System Overview
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Conduct Internal Audits
  • Assist with Corrective/Preventative Actions
  • Discrepancy Reporting & Root cause Analysis
  • Conduct Management Review
  • Establish Required Records
  • Pre-Audit or Mock Audit
  • Assistance in Selecting a Registrar
  • Assistance During Audit to Address Write-Ups, If Any
  • Complimentary Technical Support Up To 2 Years
  • Continued Maintenance Programs Available – Maintenance Options

NOTE: WQN has an extensive Network of highly skilled trainers. We keep travel expenses down with experts available in most major cities and geographical areas. Check our CONTACT page for a list of current locations.

Our deluxe program will typically include on site training at you facility. The WQN Team will work with you together to fully customize a complete Quality Management System (QMS). If you have time constraints, lack of manpower or resources, and are unable to attend our 5-day Workshop then this is the ultimate solution!

Our team will begin by getting familiar with your facility. (Solutions vary and this can be done on or off site.) We will then work on the customizing of all necessary documentation (i.e. - Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms, Flowcharts, Work Instructions, Checklists, etc.). The idea is to simply create what you need and to use anything that you may already have in place. No sense in reinventing the wheel, right? Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. takes pride in being expert in this area. “We know what your company needs, how much and how little, and what it takes to get the job done efficiently.” We cannot stress this enough as a high percentage of so called “quality consultants” have a very narrow scope and tend to duplicate all of their work by thinking within a box. Be sure to ask them if they practice what they teach. Are they ISO 9001:2000 certified? Are they at least compliant to ISO 10019:2005 – the standard created specifically for quality consultants?

Once everyone has agreed on the documentation our focus will switch to training. We will train all pertinent staff on implementation of the QMS to assure 100% compliance. Our on site training is always customized to suit your needs. Schedules will be worked out to accommodate multiple shifts and/or locations. If necessary, we will conduct training on the Quality Manual for every employee in your facility. For top management and key supervisory personnel, we will continue with comprehensive training on implementing procedures and work instructions. We will also conduct Internal Audit training for those who need it. Each person who completes this training will receive a certificate. Upper management will be shown how to conduct a proper management review. If you are preparing for certification readiness we can also assist you in conducting your first internal audit, management review, and anything else necessary to assure that you will pass. We stand behind our work 100% and will be happy to address any auditor NCR’s that should be challenged.

If your firm is transitioning from, or perhaps adding another quality standard, we will also continue to support you until your staff are able to take ownership of the new QMS. All of our clients will continue to receive technical support on the program for at least one year. Once our on site training is complete we should be able to address any further questions or concerns via phone, fax, or email.

The Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. slogan is “Formalizing Your Knowledge”. We will never insist upon how you should run your business. We will never force piles of useless paperwork upon you. We will not complicate processes. Instead, we will take “what you have” and “what you know” and combine this with our expertise in translating quality standards and regulatory requirements. The end result should be a streamlined system of process controls that will enable your company to operate as smooth as possible.

Having said that – all of our trainers are sworn to do their utmost in making your transition as smooth as possible. Should there be an occasion where you may be lacking an important aspect of your process control or QMS, then it would be our duty to advise you of this. Remember, our goal is to provide you with a system that mirrors what you do. One that is highly efficient, streamlined, and less expensive to operate to. In fact, if this is a first time endeavor for a full fledged quality system at your company, the return on investment (ROI) will be almost immediate. We can show you how to track this.

If you like what you hear then we would like to hear back from you and hopefully you will become one of our satisfied clients. We are not into “High Pressure” sales and would be happy to answer any questions or provide you with a quotation. Click here to go to contact information

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