QMS Audit

WQN has developed an industry first workshop. Unlike any other program out there, the WQN 5-day workshop is unique. Rather than simply receive Lead or Internal Auditor training, our program will enable you to walk away with a complete QMS (i.e. - Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms, Flowcharts, Work Instructions, Checklists, etc.). You will also receive thorough training on how to implement and maintain the system, conduct internal audits, gap analysis, and prepare for certification. Whether you have a great deal of existing documentation or not, you are encouraged to bring what you have. You will learn how to develop and personalize your own QMS.

This is truly an innovative and cost saving approach to implement a quality system such as ISO 9001:2000. Perhaps you have been assigned the task of establishing your company’s QMS, or you are the responsible party that needs to delegate this task (we can show you how to choose the right person within your organization) and you are feeling lost, frustrated, and confused….or you simply don’t have the time or the resources to make sense of this all. If so, this workshop is the answer!

All we need is 5 days of your time. This is more or less a “quality boot camp”. There is no pressure of any kind. Nobody will walk away a failure as you will receive hands on training from one of the top experts in quality training. You will learn how to interpret customer and regulatory requirements for your industry. You will know when to take exclusions to a standard, how to implement the system, how to train others back at your company, and how to be fully prepared to pass an upcoming audit.

Naturally there will be more work to be done upon returning to your company. We can assure you that most students will walk away with at least 90% of what they need to have in place. We guarantee your success by offering you follow-up technical support after the workshop is over.

This workshop is a lower cost solution than going with the WQN Full Service where we not only develop the QMS for you but we also visit your firm on site to conduct training. If you are a smaller company with budget concerns this may be your answer. If you are a larger firm you may want to consider bringing a few key associates. And if the group size is warranted, WQN will consider holding the workshop in your home town. Also, check back with us for the “Quality Cruise” where we hope to have a little fun learning quality while taking a cruise (sounds good to me!).

For a schedule of workshop dates and locations please click here or Contact us.