Managing an organization with outdated information, no documented management process and paper-based procedures is close to impossible in this high-speed era. Managers with outdated and insufficient information end up making decisions based on a perception of the issues rather than fact.

The CIS Continuous Improvement System includes a sound management process, documented procedures and a paperless CIS software solution that takes the mystery and frustration out of management. CIS is like a bridge between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow!

Challenges / Solutions

Managers must deal with a multitude of issues on a daily basis. Our Continuous Improvement System addresses all the issues. Losing a customer and finding out later that the customer had made more than 32 complaints during the last six months and no proactive measures were taken is disheartening. CIS tracks Nonconformities and Customer Complaints and sends email notifications to responsible managers to ensure that immediate solutions are implemented and the proper customer follow-up occurs to avoid these unwanted disappointments.

Sitting in a meeting for the eighth time to discuss a process failure that has happened seven times during the last six months. CIS provides current and continuous statistics and reports of customer complaints, damaged as received, receiving discrepancy, receiving reject, and nonconformities that happen throughout the process allowing for managers to address these issues the first time to prevent recurrence.

Dealing with personnel errors that result in costly mistakes only to discover that proper training was never executed. CIS includes a complete Human Resource and Training module to ensure that all employees receive the required training all the time. CIS reports past-due and pending training as well as completed training records per department, per training type or by employee.

Losing a job to a competitor because of price and not really understanding what the price should actually be in order to achieve a reasonable profit. CIS includes an Instant Quoting System and a complete customer profile to ensure accurate pricing and documenting customer special requirements, past issues and/r special process steps.

Convincing yourself that product picking errors that are discovered before shipping and corrected is “just part of the process” even though it has a negative cost impact to the standard costing prices. CIS drives improvement through a systematic and logical corrective action process that is relentless until the issue is corrected.

Having to leave for a business trip while still managing the department is a challenge. CIS keeps you connected no matter where you are and your input can be made via the internet. CIS is a global system to allow all managers to collaborate together at all times.

Failing a customer or regulatory audit for sanitation or quality management. CIS includes all ISO 9001, AS 9100 and HACCP tools to meet these requirements and in most instances is far better than your customer’s quality requirements.

Trying to solve a problem when there is no real standard process to evaluate and improve upon. CIS includes online process forms customized for your business.

Training new employees but having no standard training material and realizing that each new employee is trained differently. CIS has a simple, easy-to-use user interface that can be accessed by all employees to standardize training seminars and courses (on-line).

Sitting with a customer only to realize that their quality requirements are far more demanding than expected. CIS tracks Special Requirements including uploaded documents and pictures to ensure that all of your customer's special requirements are known and executed by all personnel.

The CIS Solution

  • CIS includes a quality objectives module to be used for continuous improvement of repetitive errors, such as picking errors.

  • When CIS is used properly, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail any audit.

  • CIS includes a complete set of process procedures, forms and training material to standardize the processes.

  • By reviewing the testimonials from our valued customers, it is clear to see that each customer benefits from our software solution. Our software weeds out the errors and inefficiencies within a process and drives improvement.

  • There are no other management tools on the marketplace today that even compare with our CIS (Continuous Improvement Software).

  • CIS provides easy input forms, automated processes that actually reduce the time to collect information and allows managers to better focus on solutions and improvements to the processes as opposed to defending themselves from alligators snapping up to their necks.

  • CIS issues automatic reminders to managers to ensure that their commitments and responsibilities are always honored. We believe that most managers are committed to achieving their objectives but become unfocussed when they are faced with problems that arise on a day-to-day basis. Generally, they only require simple reminders by e-mail sent by CIS to get back on track!

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