About Worldwide Quality Network, Inc.
Additional Information

QMSFounded in 2004, the personnel at Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. pride themselves on their diverse backgrounds that include such industries as: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Software Developers, Electronics, Commercial, Distribution Centers, Technical, Manufacturing, FAA Certified Repair Stations, Service Related Organizations, OEM’s, Start Up Organizations, Processors, Machine Shops, Laboratories, Metal Platers and Coaters, Distributors, Food Service, and Service Organizations to name a few. We are also working with federal, state, and local government agencies.

Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. is proficient in the following areas:

ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 17799, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, AS9100, ISO 13485, TS16949, Six Sigma, 5S, CMM and CMMI, Lean Manufacturing, Risk Management, Change Management, Corporate Lifecycle Reorganization, various Military Specifications which include MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-STD-45662, MIL-STD-105 and ANSI Z-540 to name a few. Our services range from consulting, gap analysis, on going maintenance, internal auditing, full system development, customer/regulatory requirement integration and workshops (on or off site).   

We will always do our utmost to keep our promises and commitments and never offer services that we cannot meet. Meeting commitments builds credibility that is recognized through our customers, colleagues, suppliers, regulatory authorities, and all other interested parties.

We all live and work in a complicated world. This company was founded upon these simple principles. We will all uphold the highest ethics and morals. Our growth is based upon being fiscally responsible and strong. We are here for the long haul, and hopefully, around long enough for generations to come!

We pride ourselves in being much more than “just another consulting firm”. We will only hire and affiliate ourselves with professionals who can also adhere to ethics and honesty. We hope to change the current business climate of quality consulting by making certain that all of our experts become trained and accredited by Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. first. We will also be looking to the client for a great deal of feedback. All of our clients hear directly from the top management of Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. and also have direct contact information in the event of any improprieties of any kind. 

Executive Team

QMS Audit
JoCeal Urbaniak

JoCeal Urbaniak is the president of WQN, Inc. and holds degrees in Accounting and Business Administration as well as being a Certified Government Contractor; Licensed California Realtor and Certified Lead Auditor of the various ISO Standards.  She has broad-based experience developing a range of quality management systems (QMS) in standards and regulatory specifications, including: ISO 9001 (94), ISO 9001:2000, AS9100, AS9120, TS16949, QS9000, ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO14971, ISO17025, ISO18001, GMP and Military Specifications such as MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-STD-45662, MIL-STD-105 AND ANSI-Z-540 to name a few.   

Her clientele are equally diverse and include industries in aerospace, automotive, commercial, service, food preparation/service, processor, machine shop, distributor, information technology, software development, and government placement agencies, as well as many others.

Mrs. Urbaniak used her accounting degree and eye for detail to launch a career in quality starting at the Kavlico Corporation, an OEM located in Moorpark, CA that specializes in position sensors. JoCeal gained valuable skills in Procurement and as an Internal/Customer/Supplier Auditor. She was responsible for converting the existing MIL-I-45208 QMS over to the AS9100 for the aircraft division. JoCeal credits her strong foundation in auditing earned at Kavlico to her success. Her advice for building customer value is “continual education and networking, this keeps you informed and updated so you can pass the message on to clients who don’t have the time and manpower.”

JoCeal has focused her natural abilities and twenty-five years of diverse quality/work experience into starting WQN, Inc. Her ability to consult and train is at the head of the class. She empowers every employee during the process. Quality Standards and Customer Regulatory Requirements are broken down by her in such a way that the end result is as simple as necessary, breaking through the confusion and creating a highly structured yet simplified QMS.

In her own word’s, “clients don’t always know what they need (customer/regulatory, etc.), how much they need, or where they need it (documentation).    It is my job to listen, understand, assess and develop a practical system that will be beneficial and produce positive results.  I look forward to providing and introducing services and solutions to our clients in a language they can relate to. 

WQN, Inc. strives to be the best by implementing an accreditation program specifically for their consultants. This brings more integrity while providing the very best people in our industry to our clients.

 JoCeal is the author of an innovative, “first-of-a-kind” workshop where clients attend a five day boot camp and walk away with not only the knowledge and tools of how to implement a QMS but also the actual documentation. The workshop includes follow-up technical support to assure that everyone succeeds. This approach is typically less expensive than hiring outside assistance. It is also more “hands on” and can be completed in less time if the right candidate has been selected.

 JoCeal Urbaniak may be reached by Contacting WQN, Inc. or by sending her email to joceal@wqntoday.com

QMS Audit
Dan Urbaniak

Dan Urbaniak is Executive Vice President of WQN. He has over 30 years of strong and diverse experience related to sales and marketing. He has worked in a variety of industries including retail sales, travel, real estate, and IT consulting. Previously, his management skills had most recently taken to him to a position as Vice President of Sales at a nationally recognized quality consulting firm.

Mr. Urbaniak has specialized in quality consulting sales and management since 1999. He had trained and managed a force of sales representatives and managers under him. He has made countless presentations directly to company owners, top management teams, and quality professionals. Dan enjoys being involved with the front lines of sales as well as overseeing the overall sales and management process.

In Mr. Urbaniak’s words, “Getting directly involved with the client from Day #1 and making sure they receive the correct information provides tremendous satisfaction to me”, he continues, “There is too much confusion out there with regards to quality management systems, quality improvement, and the resulting improvement to bottom line profits and overall efficiency. Many smaller businesses feel this is an unnecessary expense being forced upon them by their larger customers. Some also feel this is merely a marketing tool. Larger firms feel this is something they can accomplish in house, but don’t necessarily have the proper resources. My goal is to provide realistic solutions along with proper and highly ethical solutions to all who are in need.”

In late 2004, Dan had realized it was time to break free of corporate confines and establish WQN with his business partner JoCeal Urbaniak. Together, the two have the perfect synergy for creating what they feel will eventually become the premier quality consultancy around the globe. Dan brings his outstanding background in sales, marketing, recruitment, and management. JoCeal brings her expertise in quality, training, management, and development.

Mr. Urbaniak oversees all aspects of sales, marketing, and operations for all of WQN’s services and products. His responsibilities also include recruitment and development of the WQN Network and supporting personnel. He also manages strategic partnerships and teaming arrangements.

Dan summarizes his vision like this: “Good talent is not easy to find, but we know exactly what we are looking for. We know what we are doing, how to do it, where it should be done, when it can be done, and eventually – we are going to build the best force of highly skilled and accredited quality professionals on this planet – that will take care of who will be doing this.” Dan is well on the way with representatives working in strategic locations across North America as well as other International locations.

Dan Urbaniak may be reached by Contacting WQN or by sending him email to dan@wqntoday.com