QMS Audit
Mission Statement

To educate every client and all of their employees in such a clear, concise method so they have a true appreciation for the value and benefits of their Quality Management System.

Our Mission is to be the recognized choice that clients systematically turn to for solutions and answers to their quality needs based on our reputation, honesty, professionalism, performance, and integrity.

Goals And Objectives

To educate and help our clients understand their requirements as they are intended. We will take the myths out of the equation (i.e. more paperwork, too cumbersome, more work, fear of the unknown). Our goal is to assess, formalize, implement and introduce a structured, simplified, effective quality system. Clients get no more or less than they would benefit from.

Company Vision

 By setting the foundation of customer focus through honesty, ethics and integrity with everyone we encounter, we will ensure WQN, Inc. continual growth and success to, and eventually become the largest and most well recognized “Network for Quality Professionals” throughout the world.

 Business Philosophy

 Always be honest, forthright and professional and you will always have clients.