ISO 9001 Consultants
WQN's Maintenance Options - Class 1*

ISO 9001 Consultants

WQN’s Maintenance Programs are flexible and will assist your organization with many tasks, such as internal audits, customer surveys, document changes, system modifications/updates, etc.

The maintenance program is ideal for smaller firms who lack a quality department or full time quality professional who is experienced in maintaining ISO 9000 systems. This program is also beneficial for larger firms whose resources lack sufficient time. Consider that the average salary for a full-time professional quality manager is approximately $85,000. This is a “no-brainer” for small companies who see the value in outsourcing maintenance with WQN. For larger firms, consider having your quality department working some of these mundane tasks when WQN can come in and complete these tasks in far less time. For example, you have a team of 6 personnel working on an internal audit over 4 days. Using and average day rate of $300 ($85,000 divided into an average 260 working days per year = $326.92 per/day) for your 6 employees that equates to 6 x $300 = $1800 x 4 days = $7200 (and realistically – there would be much more preparation and follow-up time that would probably double or triple this figure…). Selecting our SILVER option from the above menu would be just $4700. Your scheduled audit would be completed in just 4 days by experts (reality is that your employees will be interrupted and time is longer without the same level of expertise) – Your QMS would be operating at peak level – Your quality team is available to do what they normally do – everyone is happy!

RequirementsThe discounted rates above are only applicable when pre-paid. In addition to receiving discounted pricing your organization will get time blocked and scheduled up to one year in advance. Each contract is for one year only. Failure to utilize your scheduled time will result in forfeiture at the end of one year, however WQN will do our best to keep you on track. In the event more time is needed you can simply contact us and we can upgrade you at the same rate within the one year time frame (see upgrades below).

Upgrades – One of these options must be completed before selecting more time. Previous contracts will be taken into consideration for upgrades within the same annual period. Each option valid for one year. Pricing subject to change at anytime. Class subject to change according to company size and ISO standard.

*Class 1 – Applicable to Small Companies up to 50 employees with ISO 9001:2000 QMS