WQN Workshop Inventory

(Workshop Title, Recommended Audience, Application or Department)

  1. Tool Navigator Workshop, Administrative Teams, Service Delivery Administration

  2. Tools for Teams, All Employees, Process/Quality Improvement

  3. Business Support Statistics for WC Organizations, Supervisory, Engineering /Mfg/QC

  4. Why Teams Fail, All Employees, Team-Building

  5. Measurement Development Workshop, Supervisors/Managers, All Departments

  6. Introduction to Major Tools, Design/Problem-Solving teams, Engineering/ Mfg./ QC

  7. Tools for Administrative Functions, administrative personnel, HR/Service

  8. Team Training Workshop, PS Teams, Start-up Teams, Organizational Development

  9. Instructor Workshop, trainers/facilitators, all Departments

  10. JIT/CTM Practice Simulation, Technical Personnel, Lean Manufacturing

  11. Introduction to Continuous Measurable Improvement, All Employees, TQM

  12. Introduction to Teaming and Process Improvement, All Employees, Team Building

  13. Business Process Re-Engineering, Change Teams, Managing Organizational Change
  14. Introduction to Team Facilitation, Supervisors/Managers, Organizational Teams

  15. Intro to Surveys and Data Analysis, Supervisory, Research

  16. Employee Motivation and Involvement, All Employees, All Departments

  17. Work Redesign and Simplification, Work Cells, Quality and Productivity

  18. Cycle Time Management, All Employees, Process Improvement

  19. Process Mapping Practice, All Employees, Process Improvement/Change Team

  20. Tools for Administrative Personnel, All Service Employees, Problem-Solving Teams

  21. Application of Customer Satisfaction Tools, Support Personnel, Sales/Marketing/QC/HR

  22. Introduction to the Learning Organization, All Learners, All Departments

  23. Problem Solving/Improvement Techniques, All Employees, Cross-Functional Teams

  24. Tool Navigator Tool-strings Supplement, All Employees, All Departments

  25. Pearls of Wisdom (Cutting Edge cmi Tools), Managers, All Departments

  26. Supervisory Development (Preparing for Process Reengineering), All Operations

  27. Train-the-Trainer Workshop, Trainers/Facilitators, Human Resources

  28. Managing Innovation and Change, Project Teams, Project Management

  29. Tools for Creativity and Innovative Though, All Employees, Product Development

  30. Process Mapping and Cycle Time Flowcharting, All Employees, Engineering/Mfg/QC/HR

  31. Quality Function Deployment, Focus Groups, Customers/ Engineering /Mfg/HR/QC

  32. Need and Task Analysis Workshop, Trainers/Job Analysts, HR/QC/MFG

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