Are you a broker, or what makes you different than a broker? WQN is an extension of your quality department. We work differently because we put out every effort like your organization would to qualify suppliers and continually evaluate and monitor their performance, which we share with you. When we feel it is time to bring in new suppliers, we provide information on them, such as regulatory, location, capabilities, and anything thing else that matters, but we do protect their identity.

A broker by definition is: A firm that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charging a commission.

WQN goes further than just providing a transaction; we provide a customized value-added service. Your organization has nothing to lose. It is like you are handing off a drawing to another employee who does the ground work for you. We will source the most capable suppliers and respond to your RFQ in a timely manner. Your order will be processed directly through WQN and we will take care of all details through delivery to either your firm or directly to your customer